Hazleton Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. helps people in Hazleton Pa suffering temporary or permanent loss of income or reduction in income due to work related injury.

Hazleton PennsylvaniaIf you have suffered a work related injury and are receiving only medical assistance while waiting for the compensation for loss of income that you deserve, a bankruptcy may be the answer. The stay created by the filing can hold off creditors, even your mortgage, mortgage foreclosure and car payments and repossessions, while you apply for compensation or get back to work.

Let Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. Help You Keep Your Home After a Bankruptcy. If you’re caught in a financial tailspin, it can seem like there is no way to improve your situation. A professional can help you identify the right steps to take, even if you’re facing the prospect of losing your home. Contact Bankruptcy Attorney Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr., who can help develop a personal plan to get your balance sheet back out of the red.

For help in getting out of debt or to file for bankruptcy, or assistance with business matters, call Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. at, 570.826.0481.

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Need help in filing for Hazleton Pennsylvania bankruptcy, or assistance with business matters, call Bankruptcy and Business Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin at his office at, 570.826.0481.

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