The 341 Meeting of Creditors

Get out of bankruptcy debt ...The 341 Meeting of Creditors

When you file for bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a meeting called the 341 Meeting of Creditors. 

At the 341 Meeting of creditors you will meet with the bankruptcy trustee and your attorney.

Below is a list of the documents required for the Meeting of Creditors …

Documents required by law;

  • Identification documents.
    • The bankruptcy trustee must verify your identity and Social Security number.
    • You must provide a government issued picture ID, such as a valid driver’s license, a government issued picture ID card, a student picture ID, a military photo ID, a legal resident alien card or a passport. 
    • Evidence of Social Security number is typically your Social Security card, but the trustee will also accept a medical insurance card, a recent original pay stub showing your full Social Security number, an original W-2 from the most recent tax year, an original IRS form 1099 or  a letter from the Social Security Administration stating your Social Security number;
    • Your tax return from the most recent tax year. If you are not required to file tax returns, the trustee will accept a written statement stating that you are not required to file tax returns.

Should you fail to provide the documents required by law, the bankruptcy trustee will not hold your 341 Meeting of Creditors, and your case may eventually be dismissed.

Additional documents frequently requested by the bankruptcy trustee;

  • Tax returns or tax return transcripts for the past 4 years;
  • Pay stubs for the last 6 months, or a payroll report showing gross pay and all deductions;
  • Bank statements from the last 6 months;
  • Deeds;
  • Mortgages;
  • Appraisal or Comparative Market Analysis (CMA);
  • Vehicle titles;
  • Kelly Blue Book or NADA vehicle value printout;
  • Vehicle registration cards
  • Evidence of homeowners and vehicle insurance;
  • Domestic support orders.

If you are filing a business bankruptcy, have employees and have a place of business separate from your residence, the trustee will also request the following:

  • Copies of insurance policies, including business liability insurance, Workers Compensation insurance, liquor liability insurance, fire or extensive coverage insurance, property insurance, theft insurance and vehicle insurance;
  • A copy of any business licenses or permits;
  • A copy of IRS Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Payroll Tax Withholding for the preceding fiscal year;
  • A monthly Profit & Loss statement ( a monthly breakdown of business income and expenses) for the six months preceding the filing of your bankruptcy;
  • Current schedules of accounts receivable and accounts payable;
  • Copies of financial statements furnished to a 3rd party within 2 years preceding the filing of the petition, including but not limited to the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement;
  • A Profit & Loss statement for the first full calendar month of business operation following the filing of your bankruptcy.

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