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It is natural for individuals facing financial difficulties to ponder about their recent credit card usage when considering bankruptcy as a solution. C. Stephen Gurdin Jr., an experienced attorney from Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA), understands the concerns that arise during initial consultations regarding this matter.

Credit Card Spending

Credit Card Spending Over The Holidays?

In bankruptcy cases, there are generally two types of filings to consider: liquidation bankruptcy and reorganization bankruptcy. Each has its own set of rules and requirements, including the treatment of recent credit card use.

One common question that arises is, “What if I have used my credit cards in the past couple of months?” This concern reflects a desire to understand the implications for debt discharge and asset protection in bankruptcy.

C. Stephen Gurdin Jr., through his firm Gurdin Law, provides valuable insights on how recent credit card activity may be perceived in a bankruptcy case. It is important to note that while each case is unique and should be thoroughly evaluated by an attorney, continued spending on credit cards prior to filing can raise red flags for creditors and the court.

However, it does not automatically disqualify individuals from seeking relief under bankruptcy laws. To address this concern effectively, Mr. Gurdin emphasizes the need for honest disclosure and proactive legal counsel.


Filing for bankruptcy can offer individuals a fresh start in the new year, allowing them to become debt-free and regain control over their finances. C. Stephen Gurdin Jr., with his expertise in handling bankruptcies, aims to guide clients towards starting the year debt-free by understanding their options and protecting their assets within the boundaries provided by applicable laws governing discharge of debts in bankruptcy cases.

Therefore credit card spending and the holidays, if you find yourself burdened with unmanageable debt or contemplating filing for bankruptcy, seeking professional advice from someone like C. Stephen Gurdin Jr., who specializes in this area of law, would be highly recommended to ensure your best interests are protected as you pursue a debt-free new year resolution.