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Tag: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Could Bankruptcy Be the Solution?


Could Bankruptcy Be the Solution for You? Our clients often exclaim that they never expected to find themselves in this position, Bankruptcy. But when there is not enough money to pay your bills, when the stress of financial problems is affecting your daily life, and when you don’t see how you can ever get ahead, […]

Filing for Bankruptcy


Filing for Bankruptcy is not right for everyone.  It provides relief from debt. If you struggle every day with mounting debt, find out if bankruptcy can provide you with the relief you deserve. Start with a knowledgeable lawyer on your side. This lawyer  can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you. First you […]

Gurdin Law Trusted Professionals


Gurdin Law Compassionate Wilkes-Barre, PA bankruptcy Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. both assists you with your current financial situation, and helps you plan for a better future one, working with you to: Determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Learn what property is exempt Strategize how to avoid foreclosure. […]

My Bankruptcy Lawyer


People often ask me, what should I expect from my bankruptcy lawyer? What does a bankruptcy lawyer do? If you hire a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, here’s what that lawyer should do for you. Filing for bankruptcy is a great way to get out from under your burdensome debt, and most people […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?


Eases the Burden of Overwhelming Financial Debt with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy The recession has plagued many Americans, and it doesn’t seem like it will be getting better anytime soon. Countless people find themselves either without jobs or with jobs that pay too little, relying on dwindling savings or credit cards to simply pay bills. If […]