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Category: Asset Protection

Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. has asset protections designed to shield and insulate our clients’ wealth from personal and business liability risks.

Reaffirming a Debt?


REAFFIRMING A DEBT Reaffirming a debt means that the debtor agrees to be responsible for a debt that would otherwise be discharged. This procedure most frequently arises when a chapter 7 debtor has a secured vehicle loan. The loan agreement provides that if the debtor files for bankruptcy, that filing is a default and the […]

Bankruptcy-benefits-get your credit back


Bankruptcy-benefits Considering bankruptcy? you have a lot on your mind. Let me help you start fresh. I can show you the bankruptcy-benefits. I will evaluate your case, determine if you are eligible for bankruptcy, and tell you what type of bankruptcy you need. Then I will file it for you. Creditors will to stop calling. […]

Estate Tax valuation date


Valuation: The value is the fair market value. This is construed to mean the price at which the property would change hands in an arm’s length transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. The […]

What is ejectment?


What is ejectment? It is a civil action brought to obtain possession of real property. The person bringing the action must be out of possession but has a right to possession as well as the right to remove the one who is either in possession or who has some claim or interest in the land […]

Federal Gift and Estate Tax Summary The unified tax on transfers


Federal Gift and Estate Tax Summary The unified tax on transfers has three parts: gift tax (for transfers made during life), estate tax (for transfers made at death) and generation-skipping tax (for transfers that skip a generation). The gift and estate taxes are imposed on an individual for gifts during life and on his or […]