Probate and Estate Administration: What is Probate

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Probate and Estate Administration

Wilkes-Barre Estate Planning Attorney Makes Estate Administration and Probate Process Simpler for Clients
As many people who have lost a loved one have found out, dealing with an estate’s affairs is not always an easy process. A person’s will can be complicated because it needs to be officially recognized, and because there are often assets to distribute, things can get complicated, and heated, fast. If issues arise during the estate or probate process, you need an experienced estate administration and probate attorney to help you get through this difficult time. The Wilkes-Barre, PA Law Office of C. Stephen Gurdin, Jr. has the experience you need and the skills necessary to succeed in having a favorable outcome.
The Pennsylvania probate and estate administration attorney C. Stephen Gurdin, Jr. has been working with Pennsylvania clients towards the establishment and resolution of all issues in dealing with estate matter and probate. He has a strong understanding of these practice areas, an extensive track record of success in estate and probate cases, and a clear understanding of what you are going through. Let him help you get through this process as easily as possible.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process that encompasses the steps in the establishment of a will’s validity, otherwise known as the admittance of a will, so that a will may be administered in a court proceeding. The term “probate” can also be used to refer to an estate’s administration subject to a court’s jurisdiction. The court must determine whether or not the deceased had a properly legal will in order to begin transferring the assets to the beneficiaries. In other words, in order to begin the process of estate administration, the probate process has to happen first. Should any issues come up, Attorney Gurdin can help straighten out the following:

• Probate litigation
• Personal representative (executor) malfeasance
• Guardianship litigation
• Will contests
• Trustee malfeasance
• Trust litigation
• Undue influence in the creation of a will or trust

The help of an experienced Wilkes-Barre estate lawyer can provide families facing the frustration and anxiety of loss help to execute the estate plan of their loved one or oversee the distribution of their estate. Having Attorney Gurdin by your side can ensure that things will be taken care of in an efficient, and timely, manner.

For assistance in dealing with any and all estate administration matters, including the probate process, call Pennsylvania Estate and Probate Lawyer C. Stephen Gurdin, Jr. at his Wilkes-Barre PA office at 570.826.0481.