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Tag: decedent’s death

What is Probate of a Decedent’s Will ?


Probate and Estate Administration Making Estate Administration and Probate Simple I can help you deal with probate of a will in a decedent’s estate. Handling the affairs of someone who has dies is not  an easy process. I can take you through the steps necessary to have a will officially recognized. Next, I will assist in […]

Estate Tax: husband and wife


ESTATE TAX Husband and wife: For a husband and wife, there is an unlimited marital deduction available that will allow property of the first spouse to die to pass to the surviving spouse without the payment of estate tax, thus preserving the property to support the survivor. To the extent that the assets are not consumed, […]

Estate Tax Valuation: Buy-Sell agreement:


Estate Tax Valuation: Buy-Sell agreement: • Buy-Sell agreement: This agreement is utilized to protect the decedent’s spouse or family, fix the value of the business interest for estate tax purposes and preserve business management. So long as the agreement is a true business agreement and not a device to pass property at less than fair […]

Estate Tax Valuation: Business freeze


Estate Tax : Valuation: The value is the fair market value. This is construed to mean the price at which the property would change hands in an arm’s length transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the […]

Estate tax: value closely held business


Estate tax: value closely held business Date: The valuation date is the date of the decedent’s death. An alternate date six months later may be elected but only if it decreases both the estate and the tax. If an alternative date is used, that date will be used for all assets of the estate. The […]