Medical Debt in Chapter 7

Medical Debt in Chapter 7

You can wipe out medical debt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The rising cost of health care and the growing number of Americans without adequate health insurance coverage has led many people to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate medical debts. Not all debts are treated the same in bankruptcy because Congress has decided that certain debts are more important than others. As a result, how bankruptcy affects a particular debt depends on what kind of a debt it is. Medical debt is treated as a non priority unsecured debt in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Having health insurance is no protection against medical debt. One in six patients with insurance incurred medical bills for procedures not covered or for copay’s. Forcing additional stress and hardship on someone for the crime of getting sick.

Medical Debt in Chapter 7

Medical Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Medical billing is complex and mistakes can and do happen. Make sure your doctor’s office billed the insurance company for the right services and then follow up with your insurance company to figure out why the bill wasn’t paid. Being proactive in clearing up mistakes can save you thousands of dollars of Medical Debt. You may be surprised to learn that medical service have pricing structures that vary from person to person, they are nearly random. If you’re being charged $500.00 for a few bandages, you can argue with them about it. The medical industry counts on you not understanding what you are being billed for and they use it against you. If insurance won’t pay for it, then you may not want to either. Call the billing company and tell them you might not be able to pay them at all if they can’t work with you. You won’t have to argue with your doctor about it, you’ll be talking to a billing clerk. If you aren’t healthy enough or feel uncomfortable negotiating, give us a call and we will do the negotiating for you about your Medical Debt.

“If your monthly budget leaves you short of being able to make all of your minimum payment on your unsecured debts, first find out if you can qualify for payment reductions through a credit counseling agency. If the reduced monthly payments you quoted by a certified counselor are still out of reach, talk with a bankruptcy Attorney like Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. about your options.

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