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Category: Probate

What is Probate of a Decedent’s Will ?


Probate and Estate Administration Making Estate Administration and Probate Simple I can help you deal with probate of a will in a decedent’s estate. Handling the affairs of someone who has dies is not  an easy process. I can take you through the steps necessary to have a will officially recognized. Next, I will assist in […]

Pennsylvania Inheritance tax rates are based upon classes of beneficiaries


Pennsylvania Inheritance tax rates are based upon the following classes of beneficiaries: Class: tax rate in % Surviving spouse 0% Property owned jointly by husband and wife or passing to a surviving spouse is exempt from Pennsylvania Inheritance tax Minor children: Beneficiaries of the estate of a child age 21 or less to natural parent, […]

Estate Planning? What you need to know.


Estate Planning? What you should know. No one likes to think about the future when they are no longer living. Sometimes, however, it’s important to focus on the needs of your loved ones. Will they be well-taken care of when you pass? The careful planning of trusts and estates can have a huge impact on […]

What is Probate?


The term probate is as old as dirt. It comes to us from the Saxon law which used the term Probare to mean to claim a thing as one’s own. In more modern law is comes from the latin term onus probandi, literally to make proof or the burden or duty of making proof. Now […]