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Looking for a zero down bankruptcy lawyers near me, Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. will work tirelessly to ensure your financial health, whether personally or for your business, organizing comfortable payment plans and getting you and your family financially secure if you have decided to file for bankruptcy, or making sure your business is getting started on the right track.
You could be debt free in as little as 3 months!

Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Need Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers

Filing bankruptcy doesn’t have to be expensive and Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers can help. Some people are able to file bankruptcy for free by asking the bankruptcy court for a filing fee waiver. Consumer bankruptcy, so Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, aims to provide debt relief to folks struggling with too much debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves a repayment plan and is reserved for folks with a regular monthly income. As a result, filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code usually means the filer is not eligible for a filing fee waiver. Additionally, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process is pretty complex, so hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is typically a good investment. Even if it means you have to pay attorneys fees for the legal help.

If you have a business that has suffered a decline, a business bankruptcy may help you save your assets and business, reorganize, if necessary downsize, sell off some assets while retaining others, discharge most personal debts, and recover your financial prosperity. Business representation also may help you change the form of your business before, after, during a bankruptcy filing or in a non-bankruptcy context, (without any involvement in a bankruptcy proceeding). Proper structure will allow you to go forward protecting your assets while generating a cash stream which is exempt from withholdings. This can be done without exposing your business assets to Pennsylvania corporate franchise tax through the use of general or limited partnership forms alone or in combination with other forms. A business can also operate using multiple corporate form creating a separate corporation for each area or location of business, building up each area or location, and selling or leasing some or all area’s or locations while retaining the core of your operations. All of this can be accomplished easily, quickly and affordably.

Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

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