Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers

There are many affordable bankruptcy lawyers near me, but if your looking for a qualified affordable bankruptcy lawyers near me, Bankruptcy Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. will work tirelessly to ensure your financial health, whether personally or for your business, organizing comfortable payment plans and getting you and your family financially secure if you have decided to file for bankruptcy, or making sure your business is getting started on the right track. You could be debt free in as little as 3 months!

Fair and Effective Legal Representation with a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Affordable bankruptcy lawyers near meLocal Bankruptcy Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. provides quality local legal services to individuals, corporations and law firms, and gives an initial consultation, with an estimate of his fees and costs, at no charge in the Wilkes-BarreScranton area. If you’re like most people, when you borrow money, you have every intention of paying it back. But then something happens; perhaps you lose your job or your hours get cut, your small business slows down, you get sick or you have to stay home to care for your children or an elderly parent. Whatever the reason, you find yourself unable to keep up with your payments.

  • When you find yourself struggling with debt, you’re no doubt searching for solutions.
  • But the one you avoid, Bankruptcy may be the one you need the most.

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Luzerne County is in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. In addition to the national bankruptcy forms, the Middle District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court requires you to file your pay stubs for the 60-day period before filing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an important debt relief tool for Americans in severe financial distress from losing a job, getting injured, or getting divorced. A good bankruptcy lawyer is a great resource whenever considering filing for Chapter 7. If you need a fresh start in Wilkes Barre and cannot afford a lawyer, we can work with you. We offer payment plans that can help you get debt free. We will first explain the pros and cons of filing. If Chapter 7 is a good fit, we will give you a 10 step checklist to follow for filing in Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Affordable bankruptcy lawyers near me – Call bankruptcy lawyer C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. at his Wilkes-Barre office today at, 570.826.0481.