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Pennsylvania Attorney C. Stephen Gurdin Jr. has provided quality legal services to individuals, corporations and law firms since 1971. His practice is devoted primarily to bankruptcy litigation, debt relief , business law, and working with individuals, families, and businesses to begin their financial lives afresh. Attorney Gurdin has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation.

Wilkes-Barre Business Law Bankruptcy Myths:

You will lose everything, including your property, if you file for bankruptcy.

Wilkes-Barre Business Law and Estate Planning Attorney

Wilkes-Barre Business Law

This is False
Most bankruptcies that are filed are “no asset” cases, meaning the debtor possesses no substantial assets that can be taken by the bankruptcy court. However, if you do possess property, there are “bankruptcy exemptions,” which are assets that are exempted from liquidation, which is when assets are used to repay creditors. Attorney Gurdin can help you determine what is exempt so that you can keep the possessions you hold dear.


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